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Menu Canton

Starting Line Up

Touchdown Platter11.99

Mozzarella sticks, potato skins, chicken tenders, onion rings and fries, with dipping sauces

Naked Tenders6.99

Grilled, skinless chicken tenders seasoned and served with your choice of dipping sauce

(JS) Cheesy Pepperoni Rolls5.99

Hand rolled, stuffed with mozzarella, provolone and pepperoni. Baked to a golden brown, then served with warm pizza sauce for dipping

Chicken Tenders6.99

Crispy chicken strips cooked to a golden brown with BBQ sauce

Buffalo Chicken Dip7.99

A Jerzee's classic. Shredded chicken mixed with a spicy Buffalo sauce and topped with crumbled bleu cheese. Served with choice of tortilla strips of hot tortilla chips

Homemade Sauerkraut Balls6.99

Served with bacon honey mustard for dipping

Kettle Chips3.99

Hand-cut thinly sliced potatoes, lightly seasoned

Mozzarella Sticks5.99

Italian breaded mozzarella cheese served with marinara sauce


Chicken Quesadilla8.99

Grilled tortilla filled with chicken, mixed cheese, onions and tomato, served with sour cream and salsa
(Cheese Quesadilla 7.99)

Waffle Fries4.99

Bases Loaded Fries7.99

Fries smothered with cheese and bacon, served with ranch dressing
(Waffle Fries add 1.00)

Waffle Battered Sweet Fries

4.99 | 7.99

(JS) Pretzel Dippers5.99

Fun to share. Soft Pretzel bites served with honey mustard, cheese sauce and marinara

Slam Dunk Chips7.99

Kettle chips loaded with cheese and bacon

Potato Skins7.99

Loaded with mozzarella, cheddar and bacon. Served with sour cream

Onion Rings

3.99 | 6.99


Celery | Ranch | Bleu Cheese for just 0.79 more!

Sauces (in order of ascending spiciness):
BBQ | Honey BBQ | Honey Mustard | Mild | Garlic Parm | Teriyaki | Kentucky Bourbon | Caribbean Jerk | Spicy BBQ | Pineapple Habanero | Honey Garlic | Medium | Candied Pepper | Hot Garlic Parm | Chipotle Ranch | Teriyaki Wasabi | Hot | Sriracha | Intense Madness

Try our DRY RUBS Erie island cajun 6 pepper

Jumbo Wings

6 wings 6.79 | 10 wings 10.79 | 20 wings 20.59

Boneless Wings

6 wings 5.99 | 10 wings 8.79 | 20 wings 16.49

Wing Sampler Platters

Jumbo -or- Boneless (Dine in Only)
25 wings in up to five different flavors. Served with fries

Jumbo Traditional Wing Sampler 25.99
Boneless Wing Sampler 19.99


house vinaigrette | raspberry vinaigrette | Italian | ranch | chipotle ranch | thousand island | fat-free Italian | sweet & sour | oil & vinegar | honey mustard | bleu cheese | white French | homemade creamy Italian

Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken breast, mixed cheese, tomatoes, egg, bacon and croutons
Full 9.29 | Half 7.29


Piled high with tomato, egg, bacon bits, cheese, chopped smoked turkey breast and baked ham
Full 9.29 | Half 7.29

(JS) Classic Cobb

Grilled chicken, avocado, bacon, egg, crumbled bleu cheese and tomato
Full 10.99 | Half 8.99

Chicken Cranberry

Grilled chicken, spring mix, crumbled bleu cheese, dried cranberries, candied pecans and crispy bacon. Try it with our raspberry vinaigrette dressing
Full 10.99 | Half 8.99

Buffalo Chicken

Grilled or breaded chicken basted in medium Buffalo sauce, mixed greens, mixed cheese, diced tomato and celery
Full 9.99 | Half 7.99


Served with your choice of a classic side

Turkey Club8.99

Smoked turkey breast with melted Swiss cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce and tomato, stacked high between Texas toast

(JS) Famous Philly9.99

Smothered with melted white American cheese, sauteed mushrooms, green peppers and onions. Your choice of Cheesesteak or Grilled Chicken. On a toasted hoagie roll

White Queso Steak Slider9.99

Three Philly steak sliders, smothered in white queso, topped with fried onion straws and jalapeno bottle caps

Beer Battered Cod8.99

Cod Filet, beer battered, on a toasted kaiser bun with lettuce and a side tartar sauce

Funky Chicken Sandwich9.99

Grilled chicken breast, crispy bacon and melted cheddar cheese, served with a side of crispy BBQ sauce

(JS) The Great Reuben9.49

Lean corned beef, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese on toasted marble rye with creamy 1000 dressing.
Or try a Rachael with turkey and creamy slaw

Chicken Sandwich7.99


Cranberry Chicken9.99

Grilled chicken, mixed salad greens, cucumbers, cranberries, candied pecans and crumbled bleu cheese. Try it with our raspberry vinaigrette

Buffalo Chicken8.99

Breaded or grilled chicken with Buffalo sauce, lettuce, tomato and mixed cheese

Smothered Philly Wrap8.99

Philly steak or grilled chicken sauteed with green peppers, mushrooms, onions and melted white American cheese


Our fresh burgers are flame-broiled, served medium well with your choice of a classic side.
Lettuce, tomato and onion available upon request. Upgrade to a Pretzel Bun 1.29

Classic Cheeseburger*8.99

A juicy 1/2 pound burger, topped with your choice of cheese on a toasted bun

Bacon Cheeseburger*9.99

Topped with crispy strips of bacon and American cheese

Blitz Burger*10.29

Topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, crispy onion straws and BBQ sauce

Mini Burgers*7.99

Three pack of mini burgers, topped with grilled onions and pickles

(JS) MVP Burger*10.29

Topped with fried egg, crispy bacon and melted cheddar cheese

(JS) Quesadilla Burger*10.29

Toasted tortilla shell with a blend of cheddar and provolone, red onion, banana peppers, tomato and jalapeno. Served with chipotle ranch


Pepperoni | Sausage | Ham | Bacon | Onion | Mushroom | Green Pepper | Tomato | Black Olive | Jalapeno | Banana Pepper | Pineapple


Pepperoni, sausage, onion, mushroom, and green pepper
Personal 7.99 | Large 12.99

Meat Lovers

Pepperoni, sausage, ham and bacon
Personal 7.59 | Large 13.99


Brushed with garlic butter, topped with provolone, mozzarella and tomato
Personal 4.99 | Large 10.99

Large Cheese Pizza

8.99 / 8 slices
Toppings 1.89
Extra cheese 2.29

Personal Cheese Pizza

4.99 / 4 slices
Toppings 1.29
Extra cheese 1.89

Main Event

(JS) Jerzee's New York Strip*14.99

10 oz in-house hand-cut strip grilled to your liking with our signature seasoning. Served with a classic side and side salad
(Black & Bleu 15.99)

Chicken Tenders Dinner8.99

Crispy chicken breast strips cooked to a golden brown. Served with your favorite wing sauce, fries and coleslaw

Chicken Stir Fry Bowl9.99

Savory grilled chicken served over steamed basmati rice with a power blend vegetable mix drizzled with teriyaki and wasabi

Arctic Cod Fish & Chips9.99

Premium beer battered cod filets, fried to crispy perfection. Served with fries, creamy coleslaw and tartar sauce on the side

Classic Sides

French Fries

Homemade Kettle Chips


Cottage Cheese

Apple Sauce

Steamed Rice

Upgraded Sides

Waffle Fries0.99

Sweet Potato Waffle Fries0.99

Onion Rings0.99

Loaded Fries1.99

Loaded Chips1.99

House Salad2.29